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We specialize in a diverse range of products, from petroleum resources to refined sugar, cooking oils, and cutting-edge electronics. With a strong commitment to quality and reliability, we are your go-to source for an array of essential and innovative offerings. Explore our expertise and experience the difference with LEISURE TRADE LLC.


Leisure Trade LLC, established in 2015 in Dubai, has emerged as a dynamic and forward-thinking global trading company. Our journey has been one of continuous growth and expansion, with a recent transformation that reflects our ever-evolving commitment to excellence. In 2022, we extended our reach to the United States, and in 2023, we proudly launched our UK branch, now known as OCIO EXIM Ltd.

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Oil & Gas


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Topest Trading & Contracting is a trusted partner in our network, contributing its expertise to various facets of our operations. With a strong presence in the trading and contracting industry, Topest plays a vital role in enhancing our capabilities and services

OCIO EXIM Ltd is a dynamic and innovative global trading company, specializing in the import and export of a wide range of products. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to delivering top-quality products and services, OCIO EXIM Ltd has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses across the world.


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