RazMaz Sun Flower Seed Oil


Razmaz sunflower seed oil is a purely organic product extracted from organic sunflower seeds. It is rich in monosaturated fatty acids like oleic acid that help to reduce cholesterol levels and thereby risk of heart diseases.

Razmaz sunflower seed oil is a great anti-ageing agent and is a natural skincare secret. It is also a higher conditioner for oil massages and contributes to tissue and cell strengthening. Vitamin E adds strength, stabilize cells and reduce the damage to the skin as well as scalp strong and healthy. It can also be used as an anti-inflammatory oil which heels the wounds easily and protects against sun rays. It also helps to minimise the signs and scars and keeps the skin and scalp hydrated and moistured.

Razmaz sunflower seed oil will provide lasting therapeutic benefits to our customers. We provide fresh and the best products at a reliable price. The Aroma of Razmaz sunflower seed oil will prove the purity of the oil. It also contains beta carotene, beneficial for the appearance of your skin and health. It also has a moisture retention capacity and is a must-have for dry skinned people.